366 – A Photo a Day 2012

366 Project completed (2012 was a leap year so one extra day to shoot).

I’m not quite sure exactly what I wanted to achieve with this project – I never had one main aim.

It was never about getting a whole year of perfect shots – I have lots that aren’t and a fair few taken on my phone camera, but I also have some shot’s I love.  Some of my best or favourite images I’ve taken didn’t even make my 366 wall.

 It’s turned out to be a great diary and I am amazed how I can remember every day of 2012 – even tho the photo representing that day was only a split second of it!

I now feel comfortable carrying my camera wherever I am, having my camera at my side all the time gave me opportunities for pics I may not have had if I hadn’t been doing this.  I have met new people, made new friends, gained experience and most of the time enjoyed it.  I have a record of Ideas within these photo’s – and I made mistakes I know how to correct.  Some may seem quite random but have a meaning to me – others were completely lazy snaps – others I really worked at and some are planned and some are spur of the moment.

Will I ever do it again – Hmmm Probably not – but who knows.

–  December –

1st December 2012.jpg2nd December 2012.jpg3rd December 2012.jpg4th December 2012.jpg5th December 2012.jpg6th December 2012.jpg7th December 2012.jpg8th December 2012.jpg9th December 2012.jpg10th December 2012.jpg11th December 2012.jpg12th December 2012.jpg13th December 2012.jpg14th December 2012.jpg15th December 2012.jpg16th December 2012.jpg17th December 2012.jpg18th December 2012-1.jpg19th December 2012-1.jpg20th December 2012-1.jpg21st December 2012-1.jpg22nd December 2012.jpg23rd December 2012.jpg24th December 2012.jpg25th December 2012.jpg26th December 2012.jpg27th December 2012.jpg28th December 2012.jpg29th December 2012.jpg30th December 2012.jpg31st December 2012.jpg

–  November –

1st November 2012.jpg2nd November 2012.jpg3rd November 2012.jpg4th November 2012.jpg5th November 2012.jpg6th November 2012.jpg7th November 2012.jpg8th November 2012-.jpg9th November 2012.jpg10th November 2012.jpg11th November 2012.jpg12th November 2012.jpg13th November 2012.jpg14th November 2012.jpg15th November 2012.jpg16th November 2012.jpg17th November 2012.jpg18th November 2012.jpgc58-19th November 2012.jpg20th November 2012.jpg21st November 2012.jpg22nd November 2012.jpg23nd November 2012.jpg24th November 2012.jpg25th November 2012.jpg26th November 2012.jpg27th November 2012.jpg28th November 2012.jpg29th November 2012.jpg30th November 2012.jpg

–  October –


1st October 2012.jpg2nd October 2012.jpg3rd October 2012-5493.jpg4th October 2012.jpg5th October 2012-.jpg6th October 2012-5620.jpg7th October 2012-5662.jpg8th October 2012.jpg9th October 2012-5691.jpg10th October 2012.jpg11th October 2012-.jpg12th October 2012.jpg13th October 2012.jpg14th October 2012.jpg15th October 2012-2.jpg16th October 2012.jpg17th October 2012.jpg18th October 2012.jpg19th October 2012.jpg20th October 2012.jpg21st October 2012.jpg22nd October 2012.jpg23rd October 2012.jpg24th October 2012.jpg25th October 2012.jpg26th October 2012.jpg27th October 2012.jpg28th October 2012.jpg29th October 2012.jpg30th October 2012.jpg31st October 2012.jpg

–  September –


1st September 2012.jpg2nd September 2012.jpg3rd September 2012.jpg4th September 2012.jpg5th September 2012.jpg6th September 2012.jpg7th September 2012.jpg8th September 2012.jpg9th September 2012.jpg10th September 2012.jpg11th September 2012.jpg12th September 2012.jpg13th September 2012.jpg14th September 2012.jpg15th September 2012.jpg16th September 2012.jpg17th September 2012.jpg18th September 2012.jpg19th September 2012.jpg20th September 2012-2.jpg21st September 2012.jpg22nd September 2012.jpg23rd September 2012.jpg24th September 2012.jpg25th September 2012.jpg26th September 2012-.jpg27th September 2012-.jpg28th September 2012-1581.jpg29th September 2012-5413.jpg30th September 2012.jpg

–  August –


1st August 2012.jpg2nd August 2012.jpg3rd August 2012.jpg4th August 2012.jpg5th August 2012.jpg6th August 2012.jpg7th August 2012.jpg8th August 2012.jpg9th August 2012.jpg10th August 2012.jpg11th August 2012.jpg12th August 2012.jpg13th August 2012.jpg14th August 2012.jpg15th August 2012-.jpg16th August 2012.jpg17th August 2012.jpg18th August 2012.jpg19th August 2012.jpg20th August 2012.jpg21st August 2012.jpg22nd August 2012.jpg23rd August 2012.jpg24th August 2012.jpg25th August 2012.jpg26th August 2012.jpg27th August 2012.jpg28th August 2012.jpg29th August 2012.jpg30th August 2012.jpg31st August 2012.jpg

–  July  –

1st July 2012.jpg2nd July 2012.jpg3rd July 2012.jpg4th July 2012.jpg5th July 2012-.jpg6th July 2012.jpg7th July 2012.jpg8th July 2012-2.jpg9th July 2012.jpg10th July 2012.jpg11th July 2012-2.jpg12th July 2012.jpg13th July 2012.jpg14th July 2012.jpg15th July 2012.jpg16th July 2012.jpg17th July 2012.jpg18th July 2012-2.jpg19th July 2012.jpg20th July 2012.jpg21st July 2012.jpg22nd July 2012-.jpg23rd July 2012.jpg24th July 2012.jpg25th July 2012.jpg26th July 2012.jpg 27th July 2012.jpgc80-28th July 2012.jpgc100-29th July 2012.jpg30th July 2012.jpg31st July 2012.jpg

It’s been a bit of a struggle on and off – nearly quit 366!   I do have some photo’s this month I love – and a lot that well are really complete and utter —-!!

The worst disaster for me this month was scratching the sensor on the D700 🙁  So gutted!!  I new a new sensor was going to be expensive but did not expect £740 just for the sensor – add labour and shipping to send it away and it comes to nearly a thousand pounds!!

–  June  –


1st June 2012.jpg2nd June 2012.jpg3rd June 2012.jpg4th June 2012.jpg5th June 2012.jpg6th June 2012.jpg7th June 2012.jpg8th June 2012.jpg9th June 2012.-.jpg10th June 2012.jpg11th June 2012.jpg12th June 2012.jpg13th June 2012.jpg14th June 2012.jpg15th June 2012.jpg16th June 2012.jpg17th June 2012.jpg18th June 2012.jpg19th June 2012-.jpg20th June 2012.jpg21st June 2012.jpg22nd June 2012.jpg23rd June 2012.jpg24th June 2012.jpg25th June 2012.jpg26th June 2012.jpg27th July 2012.jpg28th July 2012.jpg29th July 2012.jpg30th July  2012.jpg

June a month in Summer Time – not that you’d have know it this year!!  No where near as many summery pictures as I’d of expected to get.

My favourite picture this month is my brother Gary with his fish on the last day of June.  Gary never lets me take his photo so I was pleased when he asked.  If I normally try and take his pic he gives me the middle finger!!  Actually looking at the photo I have a feeling that’s his middle finger in the fishes mouth holding it up :-0

–   May  –


1st May 2012.jpg2nd May 2012-.jpg3rd May 2012.jpg4th May 2012.jpg5th May 2012.jpg6th May 2012.jpg7th May 2012.jpg8th May 2012.jpg9th May 2012.jpg10th May 2012.jpg11th May 2012.jpg12th April 2012.jpg13th May 2012.jpg14th May 2012.jpg15th May 2012.jpg16th May 2012-2.jpg17th May 2012.jpg18th May 2012.jpg19th May 2012.jpg20th May 2012.jpg21st May 2012-2.jpg22nd May 2012.jpg23nd May 2012-.jpg24th May 2012.jpg25th May 2012-0817.jpg26th May 2012.jpg27th May 2012.jpg28th May 2012-.jpg29th May 2012.jpg30th May 2012-.jpg31st May 2012-1641.jpg

Another month has flown by!!  We have had some beautiful sunsets this month – lot’s I have missed 🙁  I do like my pic of the sunset at La Longue Rocque , Le Route de Paysans tho.  It’s been quite a hectic month and i’ve also been enjoying talks and photo’s from the Guernsey Photography Festival events.

–    April    –

1st April 2012.jpg2nd April 2012.jpg3rd April 2012.jpg4th April 2012-.jpg5th April 2012.jpg6th April 2012.jpg7th April 2012.jpg8th April 2012.jpg9th April 2012.jpg10th April.jpg11th April 2012.jpg12th April 2012.jpg13th April 2012.jpg14th April 2012.jpg15th April 2012.jpg16th April 2012.jpg17th April 2012.jpg18th April 2012.jpg19th April 2012.jpg20th April 2012.jpg21st April 2012.jpg22nd April 2012.jpg23rd April 2012.jpg24th April 2012.jpgc43-25th April 2012.jpg26th April 2012.jpg27th April 2012.jpg28th April 2012.jpg29th April 2012.jpg30th April 2012.jpg

Well I’ve realised doing this 366 how hectic my life can be.  I new most days would be quick snaps but I had hoped that I’d have spent a bit more time on some photo shoots or projects.

In saying that I do love a few of my ‘Snaps’ especially the one of my Isaac & Emmie sharing a milkshake.

–    MARCH    –

1st March 2012.jpg2nd March 2012.jpg3rd March 2012.jpg4th March 2012.jpg5th March 2012.jpg6th March 2012.jpg7th March 2012.jpg8th March 2012.jpg9th March 2012-.jpg10th March 2012.jpg11th March 2012.jpg12th March 2012.jpg13th March 2012.jpg14th March 2012.jpg15th March 2012..jpg16th March 2012.jpg17th March 2012.jpg18th March 2012-2.jpg19th March 2012.jpg20th March 2012.jpg21st March 2012.jpg22nd March 2012.jpg23rd March 2012.jpg24th March 2012.jpg25th March 2012.jpg26th March 2012.jpg27th March 2012-.jpg28th March 2012.jpg29th March 2012.jpg30th March 2012.jpg31st March 2012.jpg

I loved the fog we had in March and getting out with the camera.  First time I’ve attempted photo’s in the fog and I now look forward to foggy days 🙂

–    FEBRUARY    –


1st February 2012-.jpg2nd February 2012.jpgHammy.jpg4th February 2012-4.jpg5th February 2012.jpg6th February 2012.jpg7th February 2012.jpg8th February 2012.jpgc7-9th February 2012.jpg10th February 2012.jpg11th February 2012.jpg12th February 2012.jpg13th February 2012.jpg14th February 2012.jpg15th February 2012.jpg16th February 2012a.jpg17th February 2012.jpg18th February 2012.jpg19th February 2012.jpg20th February 2012.jpg21st February 2012.jpg22nd February 2012.jpg23rd February 2012..jpg24th February 2012.jpg25th February 2012-2.jpg26th February 2012.jpg27th February 2012.jpg28th February 2012.jpg29th February 2012.jpg

February ended with a beautiful day and it was so warm for this time of year.  My favourite pic this month is my last one “the leap year” photo of Isaac with Betsy Bear and my favourite flowers Daffodils.

–     JANUARY    –

1st January 2012.jpg2nd January 2012.jpg3rd January 2012.jpg4th January 2012.jpg5th January 2012.jpg6th Jan 2012.jpg7th Jan 2012,.jpg8th January 2012a.jpg9th January 2012-5.jpg10th January 2012.jpg11th January 2012.jpg12th January 2012..jpg13th January 2012-.jpg14th January 2012-.jpg15th January 2012.jpgBad PIG.jpg17th January 2012-2.jpg18th January 2012.jpg19th January 2012.jpg20th January 2012..jpg-21st January 2012.jpg22nd January 2012..jpg23rd January 2012.jpg24th January 2012.jpg25th Janurary 2012.jpg26th Janurary 2012.jpg27th Janurary 2012-.jpg28th Janurary 2012.jpg29th Janurary 2012.jpg30th January 2012.jpg31st January 2012-.jpg

January’s Photograph a day is done and was not too hard most days.  Although my time for taking pics has been very limited I took more photo’s I like than I expected!   My favourite this month is the Cow – Just makes me smile as I asked it to pose and it put it’s foot forward and head up as if it new what I had said. 🙂


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